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Our Heavy duty storage solutions are the strongest and most rigid structures designed and manufactured by us. Our sole purpose behind this storage system is to cater to those clients who desire to store heavy loads and equipment. Darshan Industries is a Heavy Duty Racks Manufacturer providing sturdy, durable and user friendly structures to our customers. Our molded racks are designed in such a way that the user can access any of the compartments of the shelves with ease. This allows systematic storage and quick accessibility. As a leading Heavy DutyMould Rack Manufacturer we design our products to make the best use of the height of the warehouse providing additional storage space. These are constructed using heavy metal ensuring durability and stability. We offer customization of the heavy duty racks based on weight of your products, their volume and the handling requirements. The Aisles Designed for counterbalance or Reach truck Operations. We offer adjustable beam levels for varying pallet heights.


Being a prefered Heavy DutyMould Rack Manufacturer we design our heavy duty storage systems to handle non uniform loads easily, allowing hassle free access and thus offering cost effective storage solutions.


Available in Wide Range of Sizes and Duties

Easily Configured to Meet Your Load Volume, Weight and Handling Requirements

Adjustable Beam Levels for Varying Pallet heights

Aisles Designed for Counter Balance or Reach truck Operations.

offers easy accessibility to pallets easily manages nonuniform loads easilt installed whilst its versatility makes it a cost effective solution.

Does not require specialist truck training


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