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Shelving System


Storage is the basic requirement of all sizes of manufacturers as well as individual users. Darshan Industries is one of the leading Manufacturers of Shelving Storage Systems in India delivering a wide variety of designs and structures to meet every need.


The Shelving Systems manufactured by us are suitable for low rise shelving that is very often used in industries. The system comes designed with a drive train which makes it absolutely easy to move even with just a little push from a person. The Shelving Systems is lightweight and can be used to store a whole variety of products in a secure way. It can be specifically utilized in filling cabins and to store expensive items that need stable storage base.


We being one of the preferred Manufacturers of Shelving Systemsdevote extra time and resources in making our Shelving System secure and accident proof. The Shelving Systemshas floor lock to secure the fixed and mobile blocks to prevent pilferage. An aisle lock is set in place to prevent accidental movement. As the shelf is coated with powder it is more firm to told and serves your purpose for a number of years.


suitable for low rise shelving.

A finger force by a person is sufficient to move the drive train.

A floor lock, secures the fixed and mobile blocks and prevents pilferage.

Accidental movement is prevented though an aisle lock.

powder coated.

Filling Cabines

Light-weight multiple product storage

Storage of Expensive items


offices warehousing

pharma industries

logistic comanies



Educational institutes



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