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In a storage facility, smart storage system is the most important aspect. But equally important are the machinery used to transfer stacked products from one place to another. Darshan Industries are not only the Suppliers of Storage Systems but alsomanufacture various Hydraulic Trucks that are built to serve various transportation purposes.


We design and build 4 different kinds of trucks that are greatly utilized in manufacturing and storage industries to transport items of all kinds from one area to another. Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck, Hydraulic Hand Stacker, Battery Operated Stacker and Dock Leveler are the Hydraulic Trucksdesigns manufactured by us. In large storage spaces with vertical storage, freezers, two tier storage and mezzanine storage our trucks can stack the pallets and move them as and when required.


The trucks are compact in their design and easy to man oeuvre even in tight places. Constructed using high quality components, they can lift heavy load and move without damaging them. These are our smart solutions for transportation of goods within warehouses.



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